About Us

We are a family owned and operated small business. Our size and family dynamic allows us to infuse more care and personal attention to each individual client, unlike the big box franchise cleaning services. This, along with our unique cleaning is what separates us from the larger companies. 


Over the past three years we have enjoyed serving all our customers, from the rich and famous to the working mom--we have built lasting relationships with each and every one.  Our commitment to you is one of personal satisfaction having someone in your home you can trust and adding a family member you didn't know you had.


We offer earth friendly cleaning products (Melaleuca) or the tried-and-true standard cleaning products such as bleaches, Tilex, Windex, etcetera--the choice is yours. This option is available to you when you schedule on our website.


As far as our extended family goes (the four legged furry ones) we have enjoyed the clients with these the most. Our relationships do not just extend to our clients but to their pets and loved ones as well. If you have pets and are looking for someone who will care for them just as much, give us a call.




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